Our offices are based at Les Grands Voisins, Paris, a non-profit community site that hosts a number of Parisian charities. You can find them near Denfert-Rochereau in the city’s 14th arrondissement. 

Our team

Cultural Education and Communal Living

  • Unit led by Marylène Hochart, Clémence Repichet and Anne Lourdin.

Pedagogic and Digital Innovation

  • Unit led by Laurent Arnoult, Gaït Genouel and Bastien Malahieude.

Development and Scaling-Up

  • Unit led by Elena Gantzer and Valentine Pensalfini.

Graphics, Communications, Partnerships

  • Unit led by Garance Simoneau and Romane Béchu.

Our dynamic and motivated team welcome all newcomers in a relaxed office environment where each and every member is fully invested in the project.

Since its founding in December 2013 by Marylène Hochart and Laurent Arnoult, Par Le Monde has been enriched by the involvement of numerous collaborators, interns and volunteers from France and abroad. Here’s a list of the fantastic ‘Pelicopains’ who have helped Par Le Monde to grow since 2013:

  • Camille Kingué
  • Celia Blasi
  • Aurore Vienne
  • Alix Stéphan
  • Ian-Johari Mohd Nasir
  • Anton François
  • Vanessa Ospina
  • Emmanuel Pasques
  • Noémie Gauvindin
  • Julie Callot
  • Guillaume Bordet
  • Clémence Moisy
  • Kamilia Beladjeri
  • Lionel Danglades
  • Gabriel Moret
  • Mahaut Hugot
  • Perrine Hutin
  • Salma Belfaiza
  • Alizée Besnoit
  • Clémence Moisy

Skills Philanthropy

Are you at the end of your career in a company that participates in the French ‘Mécénat de Compétences’ placement scheme? 
Put your skills to use on our team and advance an education system oriented towards communal living. Browse available projects on the website of our partner, Vendredi.

Internships and Service Civique

Please find below all our latest internship and civic engagement placement offers.
More than skills, we seek curious, creative, and conscientious people, capable of engaging with and reflecting on the concerns of the organisation.

Volunteering: Cultural Mediators

Every year, Par Le Monde recruits a team of cultural mediators. The next round of applications will open in January 2020.

Our cultural mediators play a major part in the pedagogic project of Pelico’s Journey, which will involve 100 French classrooms in the academic year 2020. Their mission is to build bridges between children in France and abroad, all while travelling themselves!

Want to work for a friendly, open-minded, and tolerant organisation, so as to educate the curious and socially responsible citizens of tomorrow? Participate in a unique sharing experience and allow hundreds of children to participate too!

Interested in applying for the mission next year? Leave us your email address:

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Send us your CV!

We welcome applications of any capacity at all times. Send your CV to:

Get involved in the mission for a more open, fraternal society!

Can’t or don’t want to join the team, but looking to support our work?