Pelico’s Journey

“Pelico’s journey” is a transformative learning program, that engages children in online, intercultural dialogue with classrooms around the world. 

This program was designed for and by primary school children between 7 and 11 years, with little exposure to diversity, from remote and rural backgrounds, as well as their parents, siblings and teachers. Children understand what unites and differentiates them, and enjoy authentic cultural connections that move beyond stereotypes, whether it be about those across the street or across the world.

Pelico’s Journey allows children to develop a better understanding of themselves and of the world, in all its diversity.

Across four editions, more than 10,000 schoolchildren have already benefited from Pelico’s Journey.

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Our impact

The pedagogic impact of this cultural dialogue has been tried and tested with approximately 10,000 schoolchildren, notably in an impact study which is available upon request.

Children emerge wiser and more mature from their digital journey: enriched by new social, digital, and academic knowledge.

Our awards

Cultural insight, discovery of oneself and of others, exchanges, question-asking, and social responsibility: all these are at the heart of Pelico’s Journey. Discover the testimonies of teachers, parents, and students.

Our participants

Every year, over 100 French classes participate in Pelico’s Journey. They come from across the country, in both mainland France and its overseas territories. 

Subscription to Pelico’s Journey is conducted by teachers, who make that decision based on the needs they identify in their class. On average, 60% of classes each year come from rural or isolated regions, reflecting the need of teachers in these zones to open their students’ minds to the rest of the world.

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But not all our users are looking for the same thing: that’s because participating classes come from a wide range of geographic (20% from peripheral areas) and educational contexts, both in France and internationally.

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Our educational partners

Hear testimonials from some of our educational partners around the world.

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French Institutes, Red Cross, schools of dance… We have collaborated with over 20 organisations locally or internationally in 16 countries and 4 continents across the world.

  • Asia (Lebanon, Japan, Sri Lanka, Oman, Vietnam, Nepal)
  • Africa (Uganda, Marocco, Namibia, Madagascar, Senegal)
  • Europe (Spain, Romania)
  • The Americas (Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada)

Pelico’s Journey is entering its fifth edition for the start of the academic year 2019-20. Year on year, we work hard to improve our exchange platform for schoolchildren,, as well as our platform of pedagogic resources for teachers,

Thank you to all the volunteers, teachers, and web developers who work alongside us to evolve and enhance these tools: particularly Gaït, Bastien, and Matthieu!

We develop multiple initiatives surrounding this project, with three main objectives:

  • Multiply our impact across French territories
  • Expand our impact within the family circle
  • Deepen our impact on schoolchildren and teachers

1 Village

The network that connects schoolchildren of the worlds

Endorsed by the France Télévision Foundation and Archipel des Utopies, with the pro bono support of Wemanity and Wavestone, this innovative project is under development today! 

1 Village: the app shaping the future of global citizenship.

The “Where is Pelico ?” Game

Developed with the help of numerous volunteers (particularly Clémence, Mahaut, Alizée, Julien and Thanh) and with the pro bono support of OKONI, Where is Pelico? is an interactive board game that involves all the family!

The aim of the game? Work out in which mystery country Pelico has finished his latest journey by chasing the clues that he left along the way… 

The prize-winning game that combines a collective mission with exploration of the world in all its diversity!

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Trumpet’s Eye

Trumpet’s Eye is a local citizenship education initiative that builds on Pelico’s Journey

With the financial support of the Vinci Foundation and the BNP Foundation, a pilot of this innovative project is to be launched in 2019-20!