Par Le Monde is a recognised French non-profit, secular, non-religious and apolitical organisation, founded in 2013. 

With the endorsement of France’s Ministers for National Education and Foreign Affairs, Par Le Monde works at the intersection of the fields of public education, citizenship education, international solidarity, and digital and cultural exchange.

By the inclusive use of new technologies, we weave cultural links between schoolchildren, in the hope of opening their minds to the world and teaching them to be curious, tolerant, humble, and responsible. 

If, like us, you believe that difference is a gift and not a threat, join our team or make a donation!

Our statement and vision

France, like many other countries, is crisscrossed by territorial, social, cultural and digital divisions.

Our national dream of the fraternity of people is under threat. We seek to:

  • Put technologically back to use in the service of human exchange
  • Make fraternity the foundation of human relationships once again
  • Bring the utopian internet back to life as a site for social mobility

Our mission

Our organisation takes as its mission the innovation of educational responses to the challenge of communal living, by weaving cultural links between children in France and internationally.

Opening minds to the world
to grow up together

Our objectives

Promote communal living

Prevent racism, celebrate diversity in France and internationally by using intercultural dialogue as an educational stimulus.

Break through territorial divisions

Develop digital tools to tackle inequalities of access to culture and knowledge.

Educate schoolchildren in new technologies

Train their teachers to use digital tools positively, inclusively, and critically.

Foster academic performance

Promote more active, exploratory, and collaborative teaching methods to enliven the fundamentals of primary education.

Our method

Collaborate with students and teachers

By way of interviews on the web and in person, we involve teachers, students, and families in the design of our teaching programmes

Put technological tools to use in the service of human exchange

We develop inclusive and well thought-out strategies for using digital media to improve the transmission of knowledge, social skills, and communal attitudes.

Continually assess, evaluate and allow our initiatives to evolve

We welcome feedback from all our users and use their digital footprint while navigating the site to improve our impact on future students, teachers and families.

Our work in figures


schoolchildren, teachers and families benefiting


of teachers satisfied with our initiatives


questions and answers exchanged between schoolchildren


video reports watched by our users

Our governance

Our committee

Loubliana Petroff

Loubliana Petroff


Co-Founder of Pépins-productions.
Independent consultant on environmental strategy and urban planning

Hélène Millcent

Hélène Millcent


Public education youth worker
Passionate traveller and photographer

Anouck Costhilles

Anouck Costhilles


Middle Office Asset, Banking and Insurance Manager
Volunteer at Migrant Advice Office (BAAM)

Our executive board

Comprising professionals from the academic, charitable and business sectors, our executive board works on the strategic direction of the organisation.

It is organised into 6 governance groups, which the organisation’s other volunteers also participate in.

  • Pedagogy and culture Group
  • Technological innovation Group
  • Finance Group
  • Communications Group
  • International cooperation Group
  • Human Resources Group

Our most recent General Assemble took place on Tuesday 29 October 2019. To participate in the next one and play a role in the life of the organisation: just become a member!

Our team

A team of ten dedicated members, employees and volunteers ensures the successful running of the organisation and its initiatives.

Our partners

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Our sponsors

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