And after? Children of the world speak up!

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This lockdown is an accentuated version of a world we fight against. A world where cultural links are broken down, and where children grow-up isolated. A world where growing prejudices, inequalities and injustices, endanger our living-together.

If we want our kids to grow-up together and solve global challenges, we need to keep on weaving cultural links between them.

We, Par Le Monde, continue our actions, using technological means to promote such human bounds. We need you now!

Call to collaborative video

Par Le Monde kicks-off the video project “And after? Children of the world speak up! “.

Our goal: to collect and disseminate the vision of children from 6 to 14 years old on the “world after” (the coronavirus crisis).

We plan to edit a video for the general audience. This project will be disseminated through our social networks, our website and to our partner NGOs.

Learn More

If you want to participate with your children or your students, you can download the instructions and the  Authorisation for use of image. They are translated into 3 languages: French, English and Spanish.

Please feel free to share this initiative to your contacts in France and abroad, so we can collect testimonies from children all over the globe!

All NGOs working in education are welcome to join this open project!

“And after? Children of the world speak up!”

The current epidemic is changing our lives. We hope that you, your loved ones and your colleagues will weather this storm as best as possible, and that we will be able to contribute together through education to a better, more human world.

Upload your video

Thanks for your contribution

Please feel free to share on your favorite social networks. We will keep you updated as soon as the project ends!

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